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Little History About Bulgaralpine

4 Декември 2015г.
Alpine A110 is an amazing car. Renault Alpine A110 has a truly interesting story. Alpine was produced in Mexico with the name Dinalpin, Brazil - Interlagos and Bulgaria - Bulgaralpine. There are a lot of differеnces between these three type of models. Typical for Bulgaralpine is two headlights, iron bumpers with turn signals in it. Front and rear fenders are also with different shape and form.

   In Bulgaria, Bulgaralpine started its production by the end of 1966 and ended in 1975. About 100 cars were produced (80 for sale in Bulgarian market and 20 for export), but Iliya Chubrikov recalled about 100 completed cars, none of which were exported beyond Bulgarian borders. Iliya Chubrikov is a great Bulgarian racer, who raced with Renault Alpine A110. We have used his knowledge and skills during the restoration process. Thanks to him and few other people, we can reproduce and restorate almost every part of the car.
Little History About Bulgaralpine
This is tipical Renault Bulgaralpine A110
Little History About Bulgaralpine
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